Quality in HE: Sectoral Findings & Enhancement Showcase


Annual quality reporting plays an important role within QQI’s quality assurance monitoring framework for higher education providers. It is intended to provide evidence to QQI that quality assurance procedures are being implemented and highlights the broad spectrum of quality enhancement initiatives that institutions have undertaken during the reporting period.

This event, which will be of interest to staff across the higher education system, provided a thematic overview of annual quality reporting in 2023 and showcased a selection of the quality enhancement case studies submitted by higher education institutions. It provided opportunities for reflection and peer learning for higher education staff from across the public and private/independent sectors on a diverse range of quality enhancement initiatives, including:

  • Quality Assurance & Enhancement of Work Placements
  • Student Engagement & Student Voice
  • Access, Mobility & Progression
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The outcome of an Independent Evaluation of the QQI Annual Quality Reporting Model was also considered, along with how it might be refined.

Watch recordings of both presentations delivered on the day by Dr Deirdre Stritch and Dr Cathy Peck below, and explore our contributors' presentation slides.


AQR Presentation 2023 - Unifying Educational Sectors - Exploring Pedagogical Possibilities (1.5 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - UDL in New Online Digital Content (1.2 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - The Quality Enhancement Unit's Student Digital Space (1.4 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - The Impact of Student Surveys (0.6 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Technology Enhancement for Quality Assurance & Management of Tailored Industry Work Placements - A case study in Food Science (0.9 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Student Success (2.4 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Quality in Irish Higher Education. A Thematic Analysis of the 2023 Annual Quality Reports (1.3 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Placement Support for Students Registered with the Access Centres Disability Support Service AY 21.22 (1 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - NCI Work Placements (0.7 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - MTU Library Assignment Toolkit (1.5 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Micro-credentials for Lifelong Learning, a National Approach (3 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Lessons Learned Through Feedback from Stakeholders Involved in a Professional Social Care Placement Model (0.9 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Introducing a Supervisor-Research Student Agreement at Trinity College Dublin (1.9 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Independent Evaluation of the QQI Annual Quality Reporting Model (0.8 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Griffith Global Ambassadors, Expanding Learners Induction Online (4.5 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - E-portfolio Pilot Using Google Sites at CCT College Dublin (2.5 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Build Your Future Global Capital - A Pathway for UL Students (3.8 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - ASPIRE Award (2.4 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - Access to Apprenticeship Pilot Programme 2022 (1.9 MB) AQR Presentation 2023 - A New Process to Support the Development of Transdisciplinary Modules in the University of Galway (1.7 MB)