The qualifications system

In Ireland, we describe the qualifications used in our education and training system through the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The NFQ classifies the level, class of award and type of qualifications in Ireland from Level 1 literacy qualifications, through to Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate and Level 10 doctoral degrees.

A qualification is a formal record awarded following a period of successful study or training. Qualifications recognise the knowledge and skills that have been achieved and can be practised by a learner.  

This 10-level National Framework of Qualifications helps you to compare different qualifications, showing how learners can progress from one level to the next. The NFQ can also help you to compare a foreign qualification with its Irish equivalent and can help with the recognition of Irish qualifications abroad. 

The qualifications included in the NFQ and the programmes leading to them are listed in the Irish Register of Qualifications. 

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