Your set of online tools and information to help manage every step of your learning and career.

Europass is a free online platform that offers a range of information, tools and resources to help support you in working and learning across Europe.

QQI manages Ireland's National Europass Centre and engages in promotional activities for stakeholders and Europass users.

On this page, you can discover more about Europass and all the ways it can help you take the next step in your career or learning journey.

Europass: take the next step! Create a CV and cover letter, find jobs and courses with Europass

What can I do with Europass?

Europass offers a range of free, multilingual tools for people to use to manage their careers and lifelong learning:

  • The Europass e-Portfolio allows users to describe their skills, discover interesting job and learning opportunities, manage their applications, and create CVs and cover letters. Individuals may also use the e-Portfolio to record their Europass Mobility | Europass experiences abroad
  • Digitally signed credentials: free tools and software for institutions to issue digital, tamper-proof qualifications and other learning credentials
  • Interoperability: this feature allows users to correspond with employment and learning services, to connect with them and make applications

Anything else?

Yes. Europass also provides a number of other tools to help prospective institutions and employers better understand your skills and qualifications:

  • The Diploma Supplement is issued by higher education institutions and offers helpful information on higher education qualifications (such as grades, achievements and institutions) in a standard format.
  • The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued by vocational education and training (VET) institutions and offers helpful information on your vocational qualifications (such as grades, achievements and institutions) in a standard format. 

Europass is a key action in the European Skills Agenda to help people plan their learning and careers. Find out more by visiting the EU platform here.