Appealing a decision made by QQI

Under legislation, a provider can make a formal appeal against any of the following decisions of QQI:

  • Refusal to approve proposed quality assurance procedures (Section 31(5))
  • Withdrawal of the approval of quality assurance procedures (Section 36(6))
  • Refusal to validate a programme of education and training (Section 45(4)
  • Withdrawal of validation of a programme of education and training (Section 47(5))
  • Refusal of a request for delegation of authority to make an award (Section 53(11))
  • Specification of a condition for the purpose of delegation of authority to make an award (Section 53(12))
  • Withdrawal or variation of authority to make an award (Section 55(7))
  • Withdrawal of approval of procedures for access, transfer and progression (Section 59(6))
  • Refusal to authorise use of the International Education Mark (Section 61(12)) 
  • Withdrawal of authorisation to use the International Education Mark (Section 63(9))

You must complete and submit a notice of appeal within 30 days of receiving a decision from us.

A fee is payable for every appeal. This must be paid before your appeal can be considered by the appeals panel. If your appeal is upheld, the fee will be refunded to you in full. Please note there is no refund if an appeal is rejected or withdrawn.

Once we have received your notice of appeal and confirmed receipt of payment, we will refer it to the chairperson of the appeals panel, who will convene an appeals board meeting to consider it.

Normally, the appeals board will consider an appeal based on documentation provided by a provider and QQI. However, if necessary, it may also choose to hold an oral hearing of the matter.

You may withdraw your appeal at any time by writing to the chairperson of the appeals board.

The outcome of your appeal will be determined by a majority of the members of the appeals board, who will either confirm the original decision or direct us to reconsider it.

The appeals panel is made up of independent people, who are appointed by the minister for further and higher education, research, innovation and science to consider appeals against specific decisions of QQI.

Panel Members

  • Dr David Redmond, chairperson
  • Dr Inez Bailey
  • Dr Margaret Denny
  • Mr Seán MacCarthy
  • Dr Frank McMahon
  • Dr Rory O’Sullivan
  • Mr Odran Reid

A valid appeal will be considered by an appeals board that will be made up of three members from this panel.

Further guidance on the appeals procedures is detailed in the following documents:

The procedures for an appeal are detailed in Statutory Instrument No. 503/2014.

If you have additional queries, please contact:

The Secretariat

QQI Appeals Panel

26-27 Denzille Lane

Dublin 2, D02 P266

Telephone: (01) 905 8100