I am a new provider

What you need to offer programmes leading to QQI awards

If you are a new provider wishing to offer programmes leading to QQI awards, you must apply to QQI for:

  1. QA approval
  2. Validation of your first programme(s) through a process called Initial Access to Validation (IAV)

The purpose of the IAV process is to assist a provider in developing an appropriate quality assurance system to promote and support quality in its programmes and services.

Through this process, providers can learn about those areas of provision that QQI considers crucial, as well as how to approach establishing a quality system that incorporates both operational procedures and a system of review to monitor the effectiveness of those procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about initial access to programme validation with QQI, please contact us through our QHelp service, making sure to select 'Expression of Interest' from the dropdown menu.

Please note that you will be asked to provide an email address and create a password on Qhelp.

    Guide to IAV Process

    Schedule of Fees 

    Policies and criteria for the validation of programmes of education and training

    CORE Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines developed by QQI for use by all Providers (April 2016) 

    Sector Specific Guidelines (all four below) 

    Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines for Providers of Blended Learning Programmes (March 2018) 

    Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines developed by QQI for Providers of Statutory Apprenticeship Programmes (June 2016) 

    Policy and Criteria for Provider Access to Initial Validation of Programmes Leading to QQI Awards

    QQI Policy Restatement Policy and Criteria for Access, Transfer and Progression in Relation to Learners for Providers of Further and Higher Education and Training (2015) 

    Principles and Operational Guidelines for the Recognition of Prior Learning in Further and Higher Education and Training (June 2005) 

    QQI Policy on Quality Assurance Guidelines

    QQI Roles, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

    Interpretation and Practical Application of the QQI Core Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines Section 2.1: Governance and Management of Quality