New quality enhancement case studies database now live


QQI is delighted to share a new quality assurance resource which has been recently developed.

Besides being responsible for the quality of their programmes as well as all related activities and services, providers are also responsible for implementing, evaluating and improving their own quality assurance (QA) procedures and are required to submit an annual quality report containing information on their internal QA systems, and details and impacts of their QA and quality enhancement activities.   

Now, a database of 172 case studies from both private and public institutions’ AQRs has been made available by QQI; the database is searchable by topic and/or by institution. 

The case studies featured in the database provide rich evidence of quality assurance in action and will be a valuable QA resource for sharing good practice and initiatives. QQI intends to continue work on developing and further enhancing this resource.

Explore the case studies database here