Quality monitoring

Monitoring is the term we use to describe how we ensure that providers are implementing their agreed quality assurance (QA) systems. 

QQI monitors different types of providers in different ways depending on their scope and activity. All providers are required to submit an annual quality report and to engage in quality dialogue meetings with QQI.

What is the provider's role in monitoring?   

Providers are responsible for the quality of their programmes as well as all related activities and services. They are also responsible for implementing, evaluating and improving their own quality assurance procedures. 

Annual quality reporting   

Providers must submit an annual quality report containing information on:    

  • their internal quality assurance systems, and
  • details and impacts of their QA and quality enhancement activities.   

 As part of its Insights series of reports, QQI prepares annual summaries of the quality reports. The summary reports:

  • give an overview of the main themes arising in the annual quality reports;
  • highlight quality activities and their impact during the reporting period; 
  • share good practice and innovation across the sector; and
  • provide case studies based on topics linked to national policy developments and specific local initiatives or activities identified by providers. 

QQI’s database of Case Studies is available to view and search here.


Quality dialogue meetings   

QQI holds quality dialogue meetings with individual providers on a periodic basis. These meetings are an opportunity for QQI and the provider to discuss strategic developments in quality assurance as well as the provider’s own context, achievements, challenges and future plans.

Latest monitoring and reviews