RecoAsia project: enhancing mobility between Asian and European regions


The RecoASIA project aims to mutually enhance mobility between higher education systems on the basis of increased recognition of qualifications between the Asian and European regions and will help people who are interested in higher education in Asia or who work with students from different countries such as Cambodia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

An important output of the project has been a series of national reports describing the education system and qualification recognition procedures in Cambodia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. The documents were drafted by ministries and higher education institutions of the partner countries of the RecoASIA project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

These reports from the RecoAsia project will be very helpful to credential evaluators, admissions teams and access officers, as well as those working in international education or in student support roles.

The RecoAsia consortium includes CIMEA, (the Italian ENIC NARIC centre), and partners in Estonia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Skills in Credential Evaluation are a focus of the work, using the practices of the ENIC-NARIC networks, strengthening our shared foundation to increase collaboration between the European and Asian regions.

More information on the RecoASIA project which is co-funded by the EU within the Erasmus+ framework, is available here.