Quality Assurance Guidelines for providers of programmes supported by digital education


QQI has developed a draft of statutory quality assurance guidelines for blended and online learning.  These guidelines build upon the current and widely used guidelines for blended learning and will incorporate QA of programmes which are designed for fully online delivery and assessment.  In recognition of the fact that digital technology is a standard feature of almost all programmes now, the title of the draft guidelines reflects this.

The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) in DCU has led the development of the guidelines.  The development phase included wide consultation with stakeholders in Ireland and drew on research into national and international best practice. 

Now that the development work is complete, the draft guidelines are published here for comprehensive consultation. 

Once you and colleagues have had the opportunity to study and discuss the guidelines, please use this survey form to submit your feedback.   

The form will be available until 9 June.  At that point, the feedback will be consolidated and used by NIDL, in consultation with QQI, to further strengthen the guidelines.

If you have queries, please use the dedicated email address onlineguidelines@qqi.ie to send them to us.