NARIC Ireland: More than 1600 qualifications, from over 160 countries listed in database


NARIC Ireland is delighted to have published over 1,600 comparability statements on our free online foreign qualifications database, having crossed this landmark figure following a recent request for additional information on South Sudanese qualifications.

The ongoing conflict in South Sudan has displaced millions, most of them women and children in search of a safe haven and hoping for humanitarian support.

Ireland benefits economically, socially and culturally from those who come to study, work and live here, regardless of the circumstances that originally brought them here. The recognition of qualifications can help individuals arriving in Ireland feel supported and empowered, and represents an important step towards them becoming fully integrated into the community.

With information on qualifications from over 160 countries, NARIC Ireland is proud to play a part in supporting the recognition of qualifications for all those arriving in Ireland.