Launch of European Digital Credentials for Learning


On 25 October, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit launched the European Digital Credentials for Learning in an online event in which more than 1,500 people took part.

European Digital Credentials for Learning helps employers, and education and training providers quickly confirm if someone's diplomas and certificates are genuine and accurate. Increasingly, diplomas and other learning achievements are being issued in digital formats.

European Digital Credentials for Learning can smooth that process for both the issuer and the student by making it easier to create tamper-proof, shareable documents. Digital credentialing is a paradigm shift in the way that learning achievements are provided. Moreover, holders of digital credentials for learning can safely receive and store digital credentials with the Europass platform.

Commissioner Schmit said that “with European Digital Credentials for Learning, individuals can easily share their learning achievements in a secure and digital way, when applying for a job or for further studies and training".

During the launch examples were presented on how European Digital Credentials for Learning are being used by organisations piloting the tool. These include their use for issuing full qualifications, but also certificates of outcomes of non-formal learning such as volunteering or short employer-provided training sessions. The importance of the standards underpinning the European Digital Credentials for Learning was also stressed.

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