Ireland to host the VPL Biennale, May 6-8 2024


Join us as Ireland hosts the VPL Biennale May 6-8 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the 5th VPL Biennale: ‘People, validation and power: democracy in action?’ co-hosted by Ireland, Canada and the United States, with the support of co-organisers across the EU.

The VPL (validation of prior learning or RPL) Biennale is a bi-annual opportunity for policy makes, practitioners, researchers, users and a diversity of stakeholders to share knowledge, ideas nd visions for validation and recognition of prior learning.

We know that validation and recognition affect and involves individuals, institutions, cultures and society. We will explore the important question of whether a growth in validation practice is evidence of democracy in action? Does validation challenge us to re-evaluate valid knowledge and the relationships between authorities in the development of different kinds and ways of knowing?

Reflecting on validation and democracy in the context of four essential themes, from the perspective of individuals, in relation to skills, inclusion and mobility, your participation is invited through our ‘call for proposals’ and engagement with our ‘concept paper’.

Join us from 6-8 May 2024 in the Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland, as we come together to examine the evidence of the contribution of validation in framing inclusive, sustainable futures for individuals, communities and cultures in a diversity of situations, from workplaces, academic institutions, community and personal life and unconventional settings.

a photo of Kilkenny castle beside river, trees forming a backdrop to stone bridge

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