FraudS+: False Records, Altered Diploma and Diploma Mills Qualifications Collection


The NARIC Ireland team at QQI are partners in an Erasmus+ project led by CIMEA (ENIC-NARIC) Italy over a two-year period. The project aims to establish a database of anonymised, confirmed, falsified qualifications and qualifications issued by diploma mills, received by project partner ENIC-NARIC centres of Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Activities of the project include identification and scanning of fraudulent certificates to a central database and raising students’ awareness on the phenomenon of fraud in education. This project complements the work of QQI with stakeholders in relation to academic integrity.

NARIC Ireland would like providers and stakeholders to assist with the identification of sample fraudulent material.

If you have any examples of fraudulent certificates we would love to hear from you at