Consultation: Have your say about Europass


Europass is a framework offering online tools and information through the Europass online platform to support people in their lifelong learning and career management.

Designed to enable learners, workers, jobseekers and volunteers to communicate and present their skills, qualifications and experience clearly and consistently across Europe, this platform can also be used by education and training providers, guidance practitioners, employers, public employment services, social partners, youth work providers, youth organisations, volunteer organisations and policymakers, among others.

To help gather evidence about the take-up and wider impact of Europass on the European labour market, and on skills and lifelong learning policies, the EU Commission have launched the public consultation linked to the currently ongoing evaluation of the Europass Decision 2018-2022.

Respondents’ feedback on their experience with Europass and the usefulness of its tools will help the Commission further improve the Europass services.

The consultation will run until the 28th February 2023. To share your views, please go here.