Annual Meeting of EU Reference Group of Agencies of the DFHERIS


QQI, in collaboration with the HEA, Léargas and Euroguidance at the National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE), and SOLAS host an annual meeting of the Group each year. The aim of this meeting is to stimulate reflection and networking on how initiatives, policies and tools can be delivered in a more co-ordinated way, achieving the common objectives for quality, transparency and mobility in education and training. 

The annual meeting of this group led by the National Europass Centre is planned virtually for the Wednesday 2 February and will include updates on EU related activities and developments of interest to the wider education and training community. Details of the agenda and speakers will be circulated in January 2022. 

This meeting will be the first of a series of events for QQI planned to mark its ten years of operation. 

If you wish to attend please contact Anne Walsh at or