Online Quality Assurance - Guidelines to be Developed


While current restrictions have required that validated programmes leading to QQI awards be delivered using online platforms, this situation cannot and will not persist indefinitely. (You can read more about COVID-19 contingency measures here.)

It is recognised that when restrictions are lifted, many learners and providers will want to access or deliver programmes in a fully online context. It is important however that such programmes be developed and validated with this in mind from the start. 

To facilitate this evolution, QQI will develop quality assurance guidelines for fully online programmes. When developed they will assist providers to build quality assurance policies and procedures for the design, development, delivery and assessment of fully online programmes.

To develop the guidelines, QQI will research national and international good practice in the area and collaborate with current providers of QQI awards with relevant expertise and experience. There will be consultation on draft guidelines as they are being developed.