Deactivation of CAS awards


​​​​​QQI is responsible for ensuring that awards standards for further education and training are relevant and fit for purpose, and safeguarding the integrity of the Common Awards System (CAS) and the National Framework of Qualifications.

To this end, we conduct an annual analysis of the levels of certification for each CAS award. This allows us to identify long-established awards that are unused or little used. The specific criteria for deactivation are as follows:

  • All classes of CAS awards developed prior to 2014 that have never been certified.
  • All classes of CAS awards developed prior to 2014 that have been certified fewer than 20 times in the 5years prior to 2020.

On the basis of our most recent​ analysis, we have now drawn up a list of awards that we propose to deactivate. You can review this list here​.

What happens next?

  • Providers and other stakeholders will have until Monday 31 August 2021 to let us know whether the withdrawal of an award presents a problem that we need to consider.
  • On 30 September 2021, QQI will confirm the final list of awards for deactivation.
  • On 31 October 2021 QQI will deactivate the listed awards, having due regard for the interests of learners already enrolled on validated programmes.
  • Awards will be deactivated in an orderly way that causes the least disruption to providers and learners.

What do I do if the deactivation of a listed award presents a problem for me as a provider?

Let us know more​ about the problem by: 

  • Raising a query on QHelp/Research and Standards.
  • Providing relevant information that, in your view, warrants retention of the award(s).

We will consider all such requests before making a final decision.