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Latest developments in Irish Research Education

QQI continues to co-chair the National Framework for Doctoral Education (NFDE) Advisory Forumin partnership with the Higher Education Authority. 

The Forum provides an opportunity for all stakeholders, particularly providers, to discuss issues of strategic importance and national interest in relation to the provision of doctoral education. The first meeting of 2021 will consider the development of a careers profile for research staffamong other items.

QQI also recently co-funded an EUA Solutions study on the level of implementation of the National Framework for Doctoral Educa​tion within Irish Higher Education Institutions. Co-funders include the Higher Education Authoritythe Irish Universities Association and Technological Higher Education Authority.

QQI is represented on the project steering group to whom EUA Solutions recently presented the preliminary findings of their study. The final report on the study is expected to be delivered by the end of March 2021.

You can read more about the NFDE here

Ireland’s Framework of Good Practice Research Degree Programmes is based upon the principles of the NFDE which was developed to support the national statutory​ QA Guidelines on Research Degree Programmes.