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White Paper - Policy for Determining Award Standards

QQI has published a White Paper, Policy for Determining Award Standards, containing our draft policy approach.

This paper deals with policy at a technical level - QQI itself will be the principal user of this draft policy. It will guide QQI’s approach to standards determination.

The policy provides for the continuation of the current approaches to FET and HE standards determination (with which stakeholders are already familiar) and makes provisions that will enable evolutionary change.

In due course we will revise/develop and publish sets of user-friendly guidelines to support the communities that will be involved in developing awards standards for QQI determinations or using QQI awards standards.

The Common Awards System (CAS) and implications of the changes to CAS (introduced by this policy) are detailed in Appendix 1.

The white paper only outlines the CAS. A more detailed exposition of the CAS (in its current form) is provided in the QQI document, Common Awards System Restatement of Policy and Guidelines 2014, published earlier this year.

We have been developing the way it uses the Common Awards System to help meet the goals of the national Further Education and Training Strategy 2014-2019.

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