Current consultations

A Standards Review Group (SRG) was established to review the following award standards; 

  • Level 6 Special Purpose Award Commercial Scuba Diving 6S20612           
  • Commercial Scuba Diving Minor Award Level 6 6N20618    
  • Level 6 Special Purpose Award Surface Supplied Inshore Diving 6S20621         
  • Surface Supplied Inshore Diving Minor Award Level 6 6N20620.

QQI and the SRG are now presenting the draft replacement awards for consultation at an online event, 09:30hrs, Thursday 23rd November 2023 to collate feedback.  Please email to request a link to the event. 

Next Steps: After that date the feedback will be considered and finalised with a view to making a recommendation for adoption to QQI’s Policy and Standards Committee.

Thereafter the standards will be available to providers to develop programmes and submit those programmes to QQI for validation in accordance with QQI’s ‘Policies and criteria for the validation of programmes of education and training’.

In Ireland and around the world, people use qualifications for many different social, economic and cultural reasons.  

Sometimes we take qualifications for granted and we overlook the human and material aspects that support them to ensure qualifications are relevant and trustworthy.  

This Green Paper is a discussion paper. It outlines the Irish qualifications system and includes some broad questions on possible opportunities for improvements. There is also a companion Technical Paper which contains more detail.  

QQI hopes to use the Green Paper to begin a discussion about Ireland’s qualifications system. We believe this is a very important time to focus on how the system is performing. We would like to discuss this with all the different types of people who use qualifications. They include learners, employers, parents, practitioners, occupational associations and professions, providers and their staff, regulators, trade unions, the international community and others either directly or through representative bodies.