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A legislative amendment introduced through the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) (Amendment) Act 2019 created new offences related to the facilitation of cheating, the advertisement of cheating services, and the publication of such advertisements. QQI is identified as prosecutor of these offences.

The white paper

The white paper sets out QQI’s intended approach to implementing the new legislative provision (section 43A), which is informed by four pillars: proportionality, transparency, shared responsibility and provider autonomy. The paper also relies on the powers conferred by other statutory infrastructure within the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 (as amended) and sets out five central pillars to the proposed policy.

The paper details how the national policy infrastructure will interact with the responsibility of education providers for their own internal quality assurance systems, and the responsibilities of learners and staff to engage with their studies and work within the scope of these systems. It also describes the obligations of other stakeholders such as advertising and publishing platforms under the legislation and details how QQI will engage with these stakeholders to protect the integrity of Irish qualifications. The paper can be found at the link below:

White Paper on Academic Integrity 

This consultation is now closed

In Ireland and around the world, people use qualifications for many different social, economic and cultural reasons.  

Sometimes we take qualifications for granted and we overlook the human and material aspects that support them to ensure qualifications are relevant and trustworthy.  

This Green Paper is a discussion paper. It outlines the Irish qualifications system and includes some broad questions on possible opportunities for improvements. There is also a companion Technical Paper which contains more detail.  

QQI hopes to use the Green Paper to begin a discussion about Ireland’s qualifications system. We believe this is a very important time to focus on how the system is performing. We would like to discuss this with all the different types of people who use qualifications. They include learners, employers, parents, practitioners, occupational associations and professions, providers and their staff, regulators, trade unions, the international community and others either directly or through representative bodies.  

A Standards Development Group (SDG) was established to develop award standards;

Physical Intervention Practice Level 5 Special Purpose Award (15 FET Credits), comprising of one component; Physical Intervention Procedures Level 5 Minor Award (15 FET Credits).

The standards are presented for consultation here:

This consultation will close on: Friday 31 May at noon.