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White Paper - Draft Code for Providers of Programmes to International Learners

QQI has a responsibility to publish a code of practice for the provision of programmes to international learners and to authorise providers who comply with it (and other requirements) to use an IEM (International Education Mark).

QQI White Paper: Draft Code of Practice for Providers of Programmes of Education and Training to International Learners

QQI published the Draft Policy on Authorisation to use the International Education Mark for consultation in May 2014.

We are currently considering the feedback received and we will continue to develop the policy framework to support the best interests of international students studying in Ireland.

Authorisation to use the IEM is granted following an application and compliance with a “package” of policies and procedures relating the IEM.

Authorisation to use the Mark will be conditional on a provider maintaining effective quality assurance arrangements, complying with the Code and a range of other conditions (which will be detailed in the final Policy on Authorisation to use the IEM).

Draft quality assurance guidelines for English language teaching providers seeking authorisation to use the IEM are also published for public consultation.

Draft QA Guidelines: English language teaching providers (These guidelines are under development and will be published soon)

The intention of the IEM is that it will publicly confirm a provider’s commitment to the quality of the educational experience international students get.

Consequently authorisation to use the IEM relies absolutely on a provider’s capacity to establish, maintain and improve the quality of education, training, research and related services available to all students, including international students.

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