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Monitoring and Dialogue with Providers


Monitoring is an external quality assurance (QA) process of evaluation and analysis of providers' QA activities, which supports public confidence in education and training.  It is an external QA process that involves both routine and once-off evaluations, analyses, observations and recording of provider activities.

The QQI Policy on Monitoring was approved in December 2014 and outlines the overarching organisational approach that QQI will take to monitoring the qualifications and QA landscape.

Providers are ultimately responsible for the quality of their provision, the implementation and evaluation of their own QA procedures and on-going enhancement.  To find out more about our approach to monitoring please click here.

Annual Institutional Quality Report

The Annual Institutional Quality Report (AIQR) is an annual report about internal quality assurance that institutions provide to QQI.  The AIQR template has been developed with reference to the ENQA (the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) European Standards and Guidelines, upon which QQI’s Core Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines are based. Further details on the purpose and structure of the AIQR can be accessed here.

Dialogue Meetings

Dialogue Meetings between QQI and both the Designated Awarding Body (DABs) and Institute of Technology (IoT) sectors form part of the external quality assurance (QA) framework in Ireland.  These meetings provide an opportunity for both parties to consider a range of issues relating to the development of the QA infrastructure that will clarify and define the relationship between an institution and QQI as each sector evolves.  To find out more about Dialogue Meetings in 2018 please click here.