QQI Award types

Major Awards 

A major award is the main class of award made at each level. It represents a significant number of learning outcomes. Major awards usually consist of eight minor awards or modules. The Common Award System (CAS) specification for each major award lists the compulsory modules which must be completed along with the elective modules which are required to make up the overall specified credit value of the award. The default credit values for major awards are as follows: 


Level  Default Credit Value 
1 20
2 30
3 60
4 90
5 120
6 120



Minor Awards 

Minor awards are also commonly referred to as component certificates. These awards are single modules which can be completed and certificated individually. All minor awards are linked to a major award which allows learners the opportunity to build on their minor awards and work towards gaining a major award. It is important to note that minor awards are achievements in their own right. Learners wishing to focus on one specific area or gain a specific skill such as digital marketing or team leadership may find that completing a minor award in that area is much more appropriate than completing a major award, which may be too broad to meet their specific needs. The default credit values for component awards are as follows: 


Level  Default Credit Value 
1-2 5
3-4 10
5-6 15



Special Purpose Awards 

A special purpose award is an award type developed for specific areas of learning that have a narrow scope. All special purpose awards comprise one or more components.  An example of this type of award is the Special Purpose Award in Training and Development 6S3372. This 30-credit special purpose award is a specific award in training and development and consists of two mandatory components or modules at level 6 each with a credit value of 15. 


Supplemental Awards 

A supplemental award is an award that recognises learning concerned with updating, upskilling or continuing education and training. They are occupation related awards and they consist of one or more components. An example of this type of award is the Level 6 Supplemental Award in Gas Safety, which consists of one component with a credit value of 20.