QQI joins StudentSurvey.ie Review Group


QQI is a member of the working group to review the survey instrument for (taught) StudentSurvey.ie during 2024. 

The group will guide the redesign and structure of the national student survey with particular reference to:

  • identifying perceived problems with the current survey and uses of resulting data
  • building upon best practice within the area of student surveys
  • utilising of appropriate research methodologies and survey technologies
  • establish and embed survey framework that will facilitate institutions, and other key users of the survey data (including HEA, QQI, USI) in optimising the implementation of the student survey.
  • informing and changing local policies and quality assurance procedures where relevant
  • ensuring key stakeholders within the higher education sector, including institutional leaders and senior management, are informed of progress and outputs of the project
  • designing the structure and layout of the final report from the survey

In addition, the group will examine how to build and maintain a shared vision for the survey, and its purposes, across the stakeholders, or the facilitation of collaboration across the HEIs to support the interpretation and application of the findings alongside other essential data sources relevant to teaching, learning and assessment.