New Green Paper on Qualifications


​​In Ireland and internationally, qualifications are widely sought, used and recognised for a multitude of social, economic and cultural purposes.

Yet because they are ubiquitous, we can easily take qualifications for granted and overlook the human and material elements that support them and maintain their relevance and trustworthiness.

This Green Paper (a discussion paper) outlines the Irish qualifications system and poses some broad questions on possible opportunities for its enhancement. The companion Technical Paper (Technical Paper on the Qualifications System) provides more depth.

QQI would like to use the Green Paper to launch a discussion about Ireland's qualifications system because we believe that this is a pivotal time to focus on how it is performing. We aim to engage all types of qualifications users in this discussion: learners, employers, parents, practitioners, occupational associations and professions, providers and their staff, regulators, trade unions, the international community, and others, either directly or through representative bodies.

Download a copy of the​ Green Paper here

Download a copy of the accom​panying Technical Paper here