First-ever quality review programme for Education and Training Boards launched


​Reviews aim to promote a culture of quality in Irish further educationand training

 A new quality review programme for the country’s Education and Training Boards (ETBs) has been launched today by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the statutory body responsible for quality assurance of higher and further education and training in Ireland. 

The review programme will evaluate the effectiveness of quality assurance of further education and training within ETBs and aims to encourage a quality culture which will improve the experience and outcomes for their learners.

The sixteen ETBs will be reviewed over the next two years, with Cork ETB, Limerick & Clare ETB, Laois & Offaly ETB and Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB scheduled for the initial phase.   

While each ETB is responsible for evaluating and improving their own quality, QQI is responsible for carrying out external quality reviews. Each review will be carried out by an independent team of national and international members convened by QQI.  The review process requires each ETB to evaluate the implementation of its quality assurance procedures.  The resulting self-evaluation report will be considered by the independent review team and discussed with staff, learners and stakeholders during a site visit. The findings of the review team will be contained in a review report published by QQI. 

Speaking at the launch of the ETB review cycle, Dr Padraig Walsh, CEO of QQI,

‘This is an exciting development for the ETBs and the first review of its kind within the sector.  It provides a platform for the sector to highlight the initiatives and innovations which contribute to the quality of the education and training they provide, and which make a real difference in the lives of their learners.  The ETBs will learn much about themselves through feedback from the review teams and abroad range of stakeholders.  In turn, there will be increased public confidence in a sector committed to a transparent review process that demonstrates good practice and drives continuous improvements.’ 

In addition to the sixteen individual ETB reports, a sectoral report will also be produced. This report will provide an independent overview of quality assurance across further education and training in the ETB sector, highlighting developments and issues impacting quality assurance. It is anticipated that the findings will help inform and shape future strategic decision-making on the ongoing development of quality and quality assurance within the sector.

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