20 Years of the NFQ


2023 marked the 20th anniversary of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). To celebrate the anniversary QQI hosted workshops and a conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8 on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November. The workshops and conference were invite only closed events. 

The conference programme can be reviewed below, along with slides for the presentations delivered as part of the event.

The conference programme included a range of platform and parallel sessions discussing and exploring a range of topics related to qualifications and the NFQ. The conference's wide range of sessions covering the diversity of education and training in Ireland included the role and influence of the NFQ in the global context; the role of the NFQ in the development of innovative, new qualifications; the integration of the NFQ within employment, workforce planning and professions; access, transfer and progression (ATP) and recognition of prior learning and the role of academic integrity in qualifications systems; and more.

In recognition of this significant milestone, QQI is compiling a high-level report to provide an overview of 20 years of the NFQ with a focus on achievements to date and opportunities for the future. The report will include a wide range of stakeholder perspectives regarding the benefits of the NFQ and the role it has played in the developments in education and training over the last 20 years. This report will incorporate perspectives from the workshops and conference and will be published in early 2024.