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New Report from Europe on recognising prior learning in Ireland
CEDEFOP, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, has published the 2018 Country Report for Ireland on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as part of the 7th Edition of the European Inventory on RPL.  Recognition of Prior Learning describes the process used to evaluate skills and knowledge gained through life outside of formal education and training, for the purpose of recognising life achievements.

This report is produced by the European Commission and Cedefop biannually to evaluate progress made both across Europe, and at individual Member State level, in implementing the 2012 Recommendation on the Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning (RPL).  The Ireland report notes overall strengths in the approach to RPL including innovative practice consistent with current national policies that continue to grow organically. It also identifies some challenges including, for example, our need for broader engagement among, between and across different sectors of education, the labour market and third sectors to reach individuals for whom RPL offers important opportunities, and our need to integrate guidance to support people through these processes.

The full Synthesis Report drawing together progress across Europe, can be read hereThis important analysis challenges us that through expanding and improving the existing systems, we will be able to make RPL a valued choice, regardless of sector.

A wide range of Thematic reports are also published which look across Europe at specific areas of interest and challenge to inform further work, including: 

You can find out more about QQI's work in relation to RPL here