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ADDS UP - Aiding Digital Diploma Supplement Usage and Promotion

​​NARIC Ireland has commenced work as a partner on the Erasmus+ project Aiding Digital Diploma Supplement Usage and Promotion (or ADDS UP) with UK NARIC, National Europass Centre Finland, National Europass Centre Ireland and NCHFE Malta. 

Running over 2 years, the ADDS UP project will identify and take stock of current practices regarding the Diploma Supplement in each partner country, allow for the sharing of best practices and a peer review process, followed by development of an online training module to facilitate digitalisation of the Diploma Supplement process ​by HEIs. Close cooperation  with Europass and the development of digital credentials will also be an important feature of the project. 

As host to NARIC Ireland and Europass, QQI will coordinate activities and will issue a short questionnaire to HEIs in the coming months to assist us with the research and identification of practices.

If you would like further information, contact us at