English language education

Since 2015, ACELS is no longer permitted to accept new applications from English Language Education (ELE) providers. Future Quality Assurance for the ELE sector in Ireland will be part of the QQI International Education Mark (IEM), which is currently in the development stage at QQI with the new International Education Unit. Further details will be available in due course.

Current ACELS accredited providers and regulations

These are available on the ACELS website. Please note that the Certificate of ACELS Recognition is only valid for the year for which it is issued and as stated on a Provider’s certificate. No certificates of recognition were issued in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. For a list of current ACELS accredited providers, please see the ACELS website.

New ELE award standards and initial validation

QQI has developed Award Standards for the following English Language Education (ELE) awards: EL Teacher Training awards and International Foundation Year awards. 

ELE providers who have not previously engaged with QQI should apply for Quality Assurance Approval prior to applying for validation for their Teacher Training or International Foundation Year Programme. More information about this can be found here.

Providers who already have their Quality Assurance Procedures and Policies approved by QQI and who wish to apply to have their Teacher Training or International Foundation Year Programme validated by QQI may find information here.

In order to start the process of programme validation for either of these programmes, ELE providers should attend an information briefing about the initial validation process.  For further information on ELE initial access to programme validation briefings, please register your interest through our QHelp system.