National and International Organisations

QQI is committed to working and communicating with all partners and stakeholders, at home and abroad. 

The formal expression of this commitment can be seen in the many agreements QQI maintains with a wide array of national and international working groups and organisations.

Our engagement at a national level

Agreements undertaken by QQI at a national level can take the form of a memorandum of understanding or bilateral agreement, and cover activities ranging from the sharing of information and the co-steering of projects to the identification of areas of shared interest and cooperation.  

Our engagement at an international level

QQI is a quality assurance organisation, an awarding body, and a qualifications authority. In order to share information, identify potential areas for cooperation and keep pace with international best practice, we maintain relationships and agreements with organisations around the world with similar roles and functions in higher education, further education and training, and English language education.

We also benefit from a range of bilateral agreements that help facilitate the recognition of awards between our respective countries, making it easier for people travelling to and from Ireland and that country to have their qualifications recognised, whether for education or employment. 

Learn more about NARIC Ireland and this aspect of our work here. 

International memberships

In order to stay informed on quality assurance developments around the world and discuss our own work in Ireland, QQI is an active member of a number of international quality assurance networks and qualifications associations.