NARIC Ireland Rough Guides: supporting refugees and displaced persons


NARIC Ireland is pleased to publish its ‘Rough Guide to Ukrainian qualifications in the context of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications'

This and other supplementary ‘Rough Guides’ will further support the work of recruiters, guidance personnel, information officers, employers, education and training providers, schools, institutions, competent authorities and credential evaluators who meet with refugees, people who are displaced, and their families.

NARIC Ireland services support the fair recognition of qualifications from home in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention. The ‘Rough Guides’ put our current information on qualifications and the education and training system from each country together into a single document to support recognition decisions. We use appropriate reliable, accessible and up-to-date information on education and training systems to inform the development of Comparability Statements available on the NARIC Ireland Foreign Qualifications Database.

Ultimately, recognition decisions are not made by NARIC Ireland but by a range of stakeholders e.g. admissions teams in educational institutions, professional bodies, employers.

The learning reflected in the ‘Rough guides’ is gratefully drawn from many authoritative sources that are part of the recognition policy, ENIC-NARIC and Credential Evaluator community globally.

‘Rough Guides’ are also being finalised for Syria and Afghanistan and, once published, will be available here under the section 'How does NARIC Ireland support refugees?'.