IRQ Data Update to the Europass Qualifications Data Register (QDR)


We are delighted to announce that another successful (higher education) data transfer from the IRQ register to the European Qualifications Dataset Register (QDR) took place early July 2022, meeting our EU obligation in providing information on courses and qualifications as part of the European Skills Agenda.

The Qualifications Dataset Register (QDR) is a tool developed by the European Commission to support national authorities to publish their data as ‘linked open data’ which is available on the Europass Platform, providing information to potential learners on accredited courses and qualifications across the European higher education area.

The IRQ register was developed and went live in 2020 to meet a statutory requirement for a register of qualifications/awards that are included in the NFQ. The IRQ team has engaged with and assisted providers with uploading their data to the register which now lists over 13,000+ courses, 300+ providers and over 9,500+ qualifications. Awarding Bodies are responsible for uploading quality data to the register and may upload as often as they wish and at any time throughout the year. The IRQ team is always available to assist with any technical queries.

QQI aims to have this data transferred to the QDR twice a year (June/December) and we would like to thank those providers who uploaded their data to the IRQ in recent months.

We look forward to working with awarding bodies over the next couple of months, particularly the recently established Technological Universities and aim to have another updated data transfer from the IRQ register to the QDR in December 2022.