Apprenticeship Action Plan


The Action Plan for Apprenticeship 2021-2025 (APA) was launched on 19th April 2021. The Plan sets out new ways of structuring, funding and promoting apprenticeships with a target of 10,000 apprenticeship registrations per annum by 2025. The APA sets out to support increased participation in apprenticeship by employers and prospective apprentices.  

Arising from this, QQI, with Solas, the HEA, and in partnership with other key apprenticeship stakeholders, will commission a review of the quality assurance, governance arrangements and processes for the existing consortia-led apprenticeship programmes. The aim is to understand the operation of the quality assurance framework and the consortia-led systems of programme governance.

This work will help inform:

  • The planned migration from the dual system of programme governance to a single distributed system of programme governance – the single apprenticeship system.
  • The evolution of the consortia-led apprenticeships by identifying examples of effective practice and opportunities for enhancement.
  • The revision of QQI’s statutory QA guidelines for apprenticeship, its external quality assurance procedures and its qualifications infrastructure for apprenticeship.

We look forward to engaging with our stakeholders on this important project in 2022.