Mark Coney, Development Directorate

My name is Mark Coney, a member of QQI’s NARIC Ireland team of credential evaluators since 2012. My role in this function is basically to help people navigate through the qualification recognition process so that they can have their qualification recognised for work or educational purposes. I also research and publish new foreign qualification award titles on our NARIC Ireland website database, which the public can access 24/7. Most of these qualifications are for foreign nationals who wish to work or study here in Ireland.

The job itself is extremely rewarding in two ways. First, I see the results of what I do daily when helping individuals understand their level of qualification in the context of the National Framework of Qualifications. In most cases they are happy to receive this information so they can move forward in their chosen careers.

Second, I get to meet my fellow credential evaluators from all over Europe and the rest of the world in person during project work, conference meetings and indeed via online mediums. This connection helps to ensure a consistency of approach to international recognition for those who wish to live and travel to other destinations on the planet.

Finally, I recommend that you listen to this episode of the QQI podcast in which I explain, in layman’s terms, what foreign qualification recognition is all about.

Mark Coney, QQI Profile Picture