Liam Butler, Corporate Services Directorate

I’m Liam Butler and I’m the Finance and Procurement Manager at QQI. I’m responsible for reporting QQI’s financial performance and ensuring that we procure goods and services in accordance with public policy.  

QQI has a small but dedicated finance team. We work closely with each other and our colleagues in the other QQI departments. Some organisations think of finance and procurement as hurdles to be overcome. We like to think of our team as accessible, friendly and supportive of our QQI colleagues and functions while delivering good governance and professional service. Since joining QQI, we’ve streamlined and automated many of our business processes to improve efficiency and accuracy. Many of these improvements help other QQI functions.  

The QQI finance team is actively encouraged to undertake personal professional development - it’s a bad day that you don’t learn something new and there’s always something new to consider as we respond to challenges and continue improving the service we provide. Throughout the Covid journey, we’ve maintained our strong links with each other and our QQI colleagues. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed us to explore new ways of improving our service.  

Altogether, QQI is a flexible supportive and friendly place to work. It emphasises personal development and a strong sense of team. Most importantly though, it is an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Liam Butler, QQI Head Of Finance