Rethinking Assessment Masterclass & Events Series: Interactive Oral Assessment


Interactive Oral (IO) assessments are two-way, free-flowing, unscripted conversations based on a real-world scenario. They are usually synchronous and can be in-person or online and have been used across a wide range of disciplines and programme cohorts. The use of Interactive Oral assessments in Higher Education was pioneered by Griffith University (Australia) and has been used successfully in DCU since 2020. It has subsequently been used by other institutions across the world.

QQI has awarded grant funding to a research project in DCU to evaluate the practice and process for using IO to support academic integrity in assessment. The project objective is to examine if IOs promote academic integrity, develop transversal skills and engage students. The project also explores the motivations for academics using IOs, and to identify the supports and mechanisms that facilitate the use of IOs effectively.

In this masterclass hosted by DCU, Danielle Logan-Fleming, an IO pioneer and expert from Griffith University, Australia, outlines the pedagogical underpinnings of IO assessment and the motivations behind its use. The webinar provides examples of IO assessments and highlight the benefits of integrating IO assessment into assessment strategies, including demonstration of employability skills, graduate attributes and promoting academic integrity. It also offers suggestions and guidance for the implementation of IO assessment methodologies within academic programmes.