National Academic Integrity Network - Detecting and Investigating Contract Cheating Cases and Supporting Students Through the Process


There is now overwhelming evidence that the problem of Contract Cheating is something to which no educational institution is immune. What sets institutions apart is not whether or not they have the problem but rather how well they are dealing with it. In effect, there are two types of institutions: those with a contract cheating problem, and those with a contract cheating problem and a solution. But even institutions that are leading in the area of Contract Cheating detection are probably only identifying a small fraction of instances.  

In this webinar, Associate Professor Cath Ellis, a leading expert on contract cheating, explored some of the competing issues around the detection and investigation of contract cheating, and ways to improve both the efficiency and efficacy of investigations that also provide care and support to students and their learning. 

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The event was part of  a series of webinars by the National Academic Integrity Network to develop awareness of, and stimulate discussions on, issues in the field of academic integrity.