E-Proctoring in theory and practice: a review


Remote e-proctoring was an established practice in some specific contexts prior to the COVID pandemic; however, with the onset of the pandemic and the ensuing need to deliver alternative and online assessment procedures, e-proctoring has become a very topical issue and has been discussed, trialled and implemented widely both nationally and internationally.

In this webinar, Professor Paul Giller presented some of the findings from his report, commissioned by QQI and endorsed by the National Academic Integrity Network, titled ‘E-proctoring in theory and practice: a review’.

Professor Giller’s report, reviewing the literature, identifying the various approaches taken, highlighting the advantages and constraints inherent in e-proctoring, discussing the issues that arise and offering some recommendations for its use may act as a welcome advisory resource for practitioners, policy makers, education developers and others in educational institutions in Ireland.  

Professor Giller also described both some successful and less successful case studies and analyses some possible reasons for these outcomes.  

You can watch back Professor Giller's presentation below.