Academic integrity from the second-language user's perspective


The well established popularity of English-speaking countries with international students, coupled with a more recent increase in English-medium instruction in other parts of world, has led to a situation in which large numbers of students receive their education in English, despite the fact that it is not their first or primary language.

These students are often said to be particularly vulnerable to academic integrity violations (or accusations thereof); at the same time, a small but growing body of research on academic integrity challenges this widespread belief.

In this webinar, Diane Pecorari drew attendees particular attention to the need to: 

  • integrate academic literacy education into the curriculum from Freshman Year through to graduation
  • rethink preconceptions that certain cultural educational backgrounds tolerate plagiarism
  • reconsider assumptions that academic discourse is 'never a first language’
  • explore situational explanations to better appreciate challenges inherent in producing academic text
  • recognise that proficiency tests do not provide a full picture of any individual’s competence in a language

Watch the full recording of Professor Pecorari's presentation below.