5th VPL Biennale - People, validation and power: democracy in action?

Lyrath Estate Hotel Paulstown Road Lyrath Kilkenny R95 F685
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Join us for the 5th Validation of Prior Learning Biennale, located in Kilkenny, Ireland from 6-8 May 2024. The conference, jointly hosted by Canada, Ireland and the USA, will discuss validation of prior learning in the context of our conference theme: ‘People, validation and power: democracy in action?’.

Inspired by the traditions of the Canadian Secwépemc Pelkwaílc-kt es knucwentwécw-kt and the Irish Meitheal, we invite participants to “gather”, to collaborate, and share, achieving more together than alone.

Participants will have opportunities to explore approaches to validation, the systems used and the potential they offer. We will also consider underlying forces at play, challenges faced, solutions developed, and what all of this means for individuals, for societies, for skills, for inclusion and mobility in the bigger picture of our global practices today.


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