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Our International Work

​​​​​QQI's work is informed by a wide variety of national and international projects, initiatives, agreements and networks which aim to improve the quality of education and training across Europe and the world. 

We host and are the contact point in Ireland for a number of these initiatives.  Dissemination of information at national level is a key part of this function.

EQF (European Qualifications Framework)

QQI is the contact point for the EQF in Ireland and is on the international advisory group developing the framework.  The EQF (European Qualifications Framework) is used to compare awards from qualifications systems throughout Europe. It consists of eight reference levels for awards from national qualifications systems and frameworks.

Ireland verified the compatibility of the Irish NFQ (National Qualifications Framework) with the EQF in 2009, one of the first countries in Europe to do so and through QQI, contributes through the ongoing development of the EQF.  QQI also updates on national progress in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) toward the achievement of the 2012 Council Recommendation through the throught the EQF Advisory Group  

For more about how these two frameworks relate to each other see our interactive framework fan diagram.  

NARIC Ireland (National Academic Recognition Information Centre)

Hosted by QQI, NARIC Ireland provides free advice on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Ireland.  The NARIC Ireland foreign qualifications database​ has details of almost 800 qualifications from over 60 countries.  The information we provide is particularly relevant to Registrars, Admissions Officers, International Officers and Career Office staff dealing with foreign applications for entry into education and training programmes in Ireland.

We offer advice online in the form of a Comparability Statement which places the foreign qualification in the context of the Irish education and training system.

NARIC is one of a network of centres that forms part of the ENIC-NARIC​ (European National Information Centre / National Academic Recognition Information Centre) network.  These centres work to enable the mobility, transparency and recognition of qualifications by providing information on education, training and qualifications system.


IQAVET (Irish Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training)

IQAVET​ is the Irish National Reference Point for EQAVET, a European wide network to promote quality assurance in vocational education and training. 

Each member state in the EQAVET network has a central role in supporting the VET quality assurance arrangements in their system.  In 2016, QQI was awarded project funding under Erasmus+ to support the implementation of the tasks assigned to them by the EQAVET Recommendation.  For more information on the work of IQAVET please click here​.

ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education)

We are an active member of Enqa (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), the umbrella organisation representing quality assurance organisations from the EHEA (European Higher Education Area).

Our membership was reconfirmed in September 2014 for a five-year period following an expert review. The review panel's report can be found here.

ENQA promotes European co-operation in the field of quality assurance in higher education and shares information and expertise among its members and stakeholders. 

Dr Padraig Walsh, Chief Executive of QQI and Board member of Enqa since 2011 was elected President of the association at the 4th General Assembly in Vilnius on 29-30 October 2013.

EQAVET (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training)

The EQAVET Network (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training) is a community of practice bringing together Member States, Social Partners, VET Providers and the European Commission to promote European collaboration in developing and improving the quality assurance of VET by using the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework.

Following the European Commission call for tender in 2015 to seek support for the network, QQI was successful in its bid to host the EQAVET Secretariat for the period 2016-2017.

Formal Agreements

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) and the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) in the UK have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding and an Information Sharing Agreement.

This means we work together to share information and promote understanding of the quality and reputation of higher education in Ireland and the UK.

We have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the HKCAAVQ (Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications).

Under the agreement the agencies agree to cooperate by exchanging information, recognising each other’s decisions and cooperating with each other in quality assurance activities where feasible.