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National Academic Integrity Network
​​QQI has established a National Academic Integrity Network, the inaugural meeting of which took place on Thursday 14th November.  The network will represent public and private higher and education providers, and learner representatives to:
  • agree common definitions of academic cheating and grow our knowledge and understanding of academic misconduct in an Irish context
  • identify and disseminate good practice in dealing with cheating;
  • inform a dedicated communications strategy on this issue; and
  • develop methodologies for the reporting and prosecution of instances of cheating within HEIs. 

Read more about the Network's Terms of Reference here.

The Network will address higher education in the first instance as international research has identified this sector as particularly vulnerable to contract cheating.  This initiative will be extended to the further education and training sector in 2020.



14 November 2019

23 January 2020

​​ 18 June 2020​



​15 October 2020



​10 December 2020



Working Groups 

Working Group 1


Working Group 2 ​ 

Communications Working Group