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Customer Charter

Commitment to Quality

QQI is committed to providing a quality service and equality of treatment to all our customers. This charter sets out the standards of service you, as our customer, are entitled to expect from us. 

Key Service Standards

This Customer Charter outlines QQI commitments in respect of the following:

What we do


Services to the Public

Information Commitments

Services through the Medium of Irish

How to contact us

The type of service you can expect

Information commitment

Consultation protocols

(I) Communications

We will make it easy for you to access our services by providing a range of ways to contact us. We recommend you get in touch here

Alternatively, we can be contacted as follows: 
Telephone 01-9058100
Post 26-27 Denzille Lane, Dublin 2

(II) Services to the Public

Our services will be:

·         professional

·         responsive

·         prompt

(III) Parliamentary Business Enquiries

We manage Parliamentary Business Enquiries through the office of the CEO.

(IV) Information Commitments

We will ensure the quality of our information is:

·         accurate

·         consistent

·         easy to understand

(V) Services Through the Medium of Irish

We are committed to complying fully with the provisions of the Official Languages Act 2003. If you wish, you may choose to conduct your business with us through

In order to do this, we rely on both external translation facilities and on the availability of internal staff to support our services through Irish. Every reasonable effort is made therefore to ensure a quality service is provided through Irish.

(VI) Consultation and Evaluation

We take a structured approach to meaningful consultation with our stakeholders in relation to the development, delivery and review of services.

We use a variety of mechanisms for consultation with a wide range of representative bodies in relation to policy development and regulatory matters that are vital to policy making. For further information on our Consultation Framework please click here.

We will be pleased to hear from you if you have suggestions as to how we can improve our service to you. QQI aims to make it easy for customers to give us their views and concerns, and to make our services more responsive to their needs.

We will carry out the following activities to ensure that our current extensive consultative mechanisms will be further developed over time by:

  • Identifying our customers both internal and external
  • Maintaining regular contact and consultation with our stakeholders regarding the development of new policies and initiatives
  • Keeping you informed about any changes in systems and procedures that will occur
  • Identifying areas where more or better consultation is needed

(VII) Equality and Diversity

We will endeavour to ensure the rights of equal treatment established by equality legislation and to accommodate diversity.

(VIII) Internal Customer

We will ensure that staff are recognised as internal customers and that they are adequately trained and properly supported and consulted with regard to service delivery issues.​

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