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Transnational Higher Education Events - December 2018

Asia-Europe Forum on Quality and Recognition in Transnational Higher Education

Tuesday 18 December 2018, Dublin Castle

QQI hosted an Asia-Europe Forum on Quality and Recognition in Transnational Higher Education, on 18 December in Dublin CastleThis event brought together senior officials from higher education institutions, agencies and bodies in Ireland, Europe and Asia that are active or have an interest in transnational education (TNE) between Asia and Europe.  Delegates heard insights and updates from leading, expert speakers in the TNE field and learned from peers via case studies and parallel sessions.    

The keynote speaker was Professor Marijk van der Wende, Distinguished Professor of Higher Education at Utrecht University's Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. Professor van der Wende's research focuses on the impact of globalisation and internationalisation on higher education systems, institutions, curricula and teaching and learning arrangements.  She is currently leading on an international research project - The New Silk Road: Implications for higher education and research cooperation between China and Europe.  

Representatives from the quality agencies in China (CDGDC), Hong Kong (HKCAAVQ) and the UK (QAA) attended the event and contributed to discussions. Extensive networking opportunities formed part of the programme to allow institutions, agencies and relevant bodies to network and exchange information on current and potential TNE opportunities between Asia and Europe.

The main presentations made at the event are below:  

Transnational Higher Education: Experiences of Irish higher education institutions

The following presentations were made by practitioners who have established or fledgling TNE arrangements in place between Ireland and Asia:

Other topics explored included:

  • TNE activities between Asia and Europe - updates, issues and trends arising and the current regulatory environment regarding TNE between Asia and Europe.
  • Policy developments - updates relating to the quality and recognition of transnational higher education, including the recognition of transnational qualifications and the ASEM Recognition Bridging Declaration.
  • Parallel sessions - which focused on a number of themes including the quality assurance of programmes implemented on a transnational basis; English for Academic Purposes in TNE context and the alumni perspective on the QA of TNE programmes.

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