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Delegation of Authority

Delegating Authority to Providers to Make Awards

Providers with delegated authority are awarding bodies that make their own awards within the scope of the authority delegated by QQI.

Delegated authority to make an award enables a provider to establish its own award brand and affords it greater autonomy in establishing programmes within classes of programmes in respect of which authority to make awards has been delegated.

Providers with delegated authority to make an award in respect of a particular programme are not required to apply to QQI for validation of the programme.

QQI determines the policy and criteria for awards made under delegated authority and the awards standards that apply to those awards. Such awards are recognised within the National Framework of Qualifications.


The Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act (2012) enables the extension of the range of providers that are eligible to request delegated authority. 

New (2016) Procedures and Criteria relating to Delegation of Authority

The procedures and criteria relating to delegation of authority are set out in the following documents.

PolicyProcedures and criteria relating to delegation of authority
​Transition arrangement (to be rescinded in August 2017)Policy and Criteria for the Delegation of Authority to the Institutes of Technology to make Higher Education and Training Awards (including joint awards)



Protocols Related to Delegation of Authority to Institutes of Technology

Protocol       IOT Sectoral Protocol on Level 9 Research Programmes

Protocol       IOT Sectoral Protocol on Programmes leading to Joint Awards