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QQI Publishes Quality Within Higher Education 2017: A Summary Report

Every year, QQI prepares a summary of the Annual Institutional Quality Assurance Reports (AIQRs) published by publicly regulated Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ireland. This summary report highlights quality initiatives undertaken across higher education institutions and identifies common quality themes for institutions. The 2017 report is significantly more comprehensive than previous reports as it includes information from universities, institutes of technology and the RCSI. 

This publication demonstrates the many quality assurance activities being undertaken within institutions, the resulting improvements made and the adherence of institutions to national and international QA guidelines and procedures. 

QQI would like to acknowledge the effort undertaken by institutions in identifying and gathering together information on the diverse work being carried out to assure quality across their organisations and communicating it in the AIQR Report.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • Continuing initiatives within institutions to improve the student experience, with institutions focussing on the first-year experience and improving progression rates.
  • A focus on creating a quality culture at institution and unit level, with a clearer mission-centred focus in initiatives. 
  • Increasing the role of data to inform quality, with the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) in particular providing a way for institutions to benchmark nationally. Many HEIs are also using their own institutional research functions to gather information to support QA.
  • The growing importance of quality assurance for Irish HEIs and the increasing profile of quality offices within HEIs.
  • The continuing impact of reduced funding, the Employment Control Framework and additional strategic planning relating to regional mergers and alliances  on the effectiveness of QA.

The report can be viewed here