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Consultation on Level 5 FGas Handling Awards

​QQI seeks feedback on revised FGas Awards Standards

QQI established a Standards Advisory Group to review the QQI Special Purpose FGas Handling awards standards at Level 5. 

One outcome of the review process for FGas Handling award standards was the need for change to the standards in order to reflect current practice and current European Union and national legislation and regulations.

QQI is now seeking feedback on the revised award standards for Special Purpose Level 5 Handling FGas Refrigerants (including four components), Special Purpose Level 5 Handling Fgas Mobile Aircon Conditioning Systems in Certain Motor Vehicles (including one component) and Special Purpose Level 5 Handling FGas Fire Extinguishants (including one component).

Details of the revised awards standards are now available on our Current Consultations page, along with a downloadable Guideline for Respondents to help those interested in making a submission.

Those interested in making a submission should note that the deadline for receipt of submissions is 31 December 2019, and that all responses must be submitted by email.

***Consultation Closed 31 December 2019***

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