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Call for Tenders - Development of Broad Standards for QQI FET Awards NFQ Levels 1-4

QQI has published a call for tenders to award a contract for the Coordination of the Development of Broad Standards for QQI Further Education and Training Awards at NFQ Levels 1-4. 

What are awards standards?

QQI maintains awards standards for a wide range of further education and training qualifications. Awards standards describe the knowledge, skill or competence to be achieved before an award or qualification may be made. Our awards standards vary from the completely generic award-type descriptors of the NFQ, through broad award standards to the highly specific award standards of QQI’s Common Awards System (CAS). 

Currently, QQI’s existing awards standards at Levels 1-4 in the NFQ are all within CAS. While the use of broad standards is well established in higher education and for apprenticeship qualifications, it is not yet common in further education and training. 

What changes are happening?

A key action from QQI’s Statement of Strategy 2019-2021 is to streamline our system of standards and awards to permit providers to deliver flexible, responsive and nationally benchmarked programmes of education and training leading to our awards.

As part of this activity, QQI has decided to develop two sets of broad standards for awards at Levels 1-4 in the NFQ:

  • Core Standards Levels 1-4 along with guidelines on their application to the development of programmes and proposals for new awards. These will be aligned with the EU Key Competences for Lifelong Learning 2018.

  • Broad vocational domain standards at Levels 3 & 4 along with guidelines on their application to the development of programmes and proposals for awards.

The broad standards and the associated guidelines can be used by programme developers to guide the development of detailed minimum intended programme learning outcomes (MIPLOs) and minimum intended module learning outcomes (MIMLOs). These outcomes are approved when programmes proposed by providers are validated by QQI. It is expected that the broad standards will also be useful in the review of the existing CAS awards specifications at these NFQ levels.

Further information

Further information relating to this Invitation to Tender, including clarifications and changes, is published on the Irish Government Procurement Opportunities Portal, . Registration is free of charge and there is no charge for documents. Please note that QQI cannot accept responsibility for information relayed (or not relayed) via third parties.  The etenders reference is:  RFT ID 156555.

The closing date for receipt of tenders is Monday, 7th October 2019, at 12 noon (GMT).