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Third Session in Blended Learning Seminar Series Held

QQI hosted the third of its Blended Learning Seminars on Thursday 4 February 2021. 

Professor Michael O'Leary, Director of DCU's Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education and his colleague, Dr Zita Lysaght, presented on 'Aligning Assessment, Learning and Teaching for Quality Assurance in Further and Higher Education contexts'.

During the seminar, Professor O'Leary and Dr Lysaght discussed some essential concepts to ensure that assessment, teaching and learning are well aligned in our programmes.  In doing so, they posed three questions to act as catalysts for conversation and reflection:  

  • What does alignment mean in the context of Assessment, Learning and Teaching? 

  • Why is it important? 

  • What challenges does alignment present for colleagues involved in programmatic/modular design and/or review based? 

You can look back at their presentation slides here.

Dr Alison Farrell, Senior Lead for Sectoral Engagement at the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (NFETL) also presented the Forum's assessment resources and professional development opportunities. Please click on the link to view a copy of Dr Farrell's presentation slides. You will also find details of NFETL Assessment Resources and Professional Development here.  

You can watch the event back here.​